Our Mission

Bleu Chose, is a women ready-to-wear brand, combining craftmanship, luxury and collective consciousness.

The label offers subversive collections with a modern and conceptual look.

Inspired by the constant evolution of our society, Bleu Chose reveals its wish to share its ethical and conscious approach with the fashion world.


“Buy less, choose well, make it last.”

— Vivienne Westwood

Photos by Mélie Hirtz.

Our Community

The founder, Méryl Flambert, tought Bleu Chose with the value that she is defending. Méryl focuses on all the energy that is engaged to create a clothing line.

Gathering an awake community , conscious of the fashion impact on the environment and the emergency to change the consumption methods are the goals that drived her founder to create Bleu Chose.

Naturally, Bleu Chose adopts a transparent qualitative policy with product traceability.

Our Collection

The collections are made with care while paying particular attention to treating ordinary materials as precious materials, like denim which will be the red thread during the seasons.

Upcycling is a big part of the collection, as we want to limit fashion waste.

Bleu Chose will be in constant evolution to tend towards a positive footprint on earth.

For its creator, the garment is a thing that makes sense depending on who wears it.

By diverting existing pieces, the urban and sharp silhouette of Bleu Chose dressed a contemporary woman, melancholy and casual through a complete wardrobe.

Bleu Chose wants to offer a unique clothing line in limited quantity, with sculptural volumes in comfortable fabrics, where feminity and masculinity mix.